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March 29th, 2011

Greetings, Passionates! CirqueCon is on the go again, this time to Hollywood (that's Los Angeles, California, USA)! We’ve updated our website, http://www.cirquecon.com with all the latest info. The Highlights:

WHEN ARE WE GOING? - Our weekend is December 1-4, 2011.
WHAT ARE WE DOING? - Seeing IRIS, the new resident Cirque show!! Gathering with old and new friends! Who knows, we might even have some “Cirque-sponsored activities” – you never know.
HOW MUCH WILL IT COST? - Memberships are $20.00 ($21.00 PayPal).

SHOW TICKETS: Cirque du Soleil has graciously offered us a special price on exclusive tickets for our "Official" show Friday, December 2, 2011 at 8:00pm (2000h):
Category 1 - "Orchestra Center", main floor lower center section - and "Orchestra Right", main floor lower right section - USD $99.00 (Regular price of $123.00) AND
Category 2 - "Parterre Center", main floor upper center section - USD $75.00 (Regular price of $93.00)
(Service fees and delivery charges apply. A diagram showing our seat locations can be found at < http://www.cirquecon.com/2011/seat.pdf >. )

OFFICIAL HOTEL: A historic, family-run facility that offers a great mix of room types, atmosphere and a great rate. Our special rate features an upgrade to an Executive Suite with two queen beds and full kitchen for USD $119.00 per night.
Highland Gardens Hotel, 7047 Franklin Avenue, Hollywood, CA 90028

You must be a member of CirqueCon 2011: Hollywood! to take advantage of these offers. More information is on our website, http://www.cirquecon.com (and see what fun we had at our other events there, too). I’ll update this thread as we get more confirmed.

We welcome everyone!

-Keith Johnson, Part of the CirqueCon 2011: Hollywood! Team
www.cirquecon.com Hollywood@cirquecon.com

August 13th, 2010

Our present to CDS!

JustForFun =)

April 28th, 2010

Does anybody have a live version of the song "Irna" from Alegría (which includes the two vocalists) to share? I just love those singers and that song!

April 8th, 2010

I'm sure everyone's signed up for Cirque Club, but I just received an email about Cirque's new show--Totem.  

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June 26th, 2009

Icons for Adoption

chaos butterfly effect
Things That Make Me Happy...

Total Icon Count: 17


TEASER! Icon 003 TEASER! Icon 004 TEASER! Icon 009

"Icons Here!" Sorry not sure about tags...

June 19th, 2009

Cirque du Soleil, which has grown into one of Canada's best-known cultural exports, is celebrating its 25th anniversary all around the world. This year Cirque du Soleil has reclaimed its Guinness world record for the most number of people simultaneously walking on stilts, to mark its silver anniversary.

For example, almost 900 people have gathered in Moscow to walk on stilts. Everyone could take part in this funny flash mob! The stilt walkers (1926 in total) also gathered in Montreal, Orlando, Las Vegas, Lisbon, Macau, Tokyo and Fortaleza.


June 14th, 2009




I have just finished writing up a ridiculously detailed LOVE blog and would love it if any LOVE fans on here would give it a read. It's at: http://tinyurl.com/nkqt88

Any corrections too would be greatly appreciated!



June 13th, 2009

Hi There!
Well, I'm a huge fan of Cirque Du Soleil
and I'm looking for HQ pics from Alegría...My desktop cries for a new wallpaper.
But I can't find a thing.
If You Could Help Me with a Caption Page I'll be forever thankful.

If this post is a problem, feel free to delete it.

May 14th, 2009

new community!

stop burning bridges

A community specifically for Cirque du Soleil's Kooza.
Discussions welcome, creative fanworks highly encouraged.
join, watch, profile.

(no subject)

chase the morning

Anyone hear of
Cirque Dreams – Jungle Fantasy


click to see promo video:

excerpt: The Cirque Dreams people take pains to distance themselves from the other guys, insisting they aren't Cirque du Soleil-inspired. But when you call yourself Cirque, dip your performers in wacky makeup and elaborate costumes and offer animal-free circus acts - all to a vaguely world-music soundtrack - the comparison is inevitable. And not terribly kind.
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